NMR Company for trading / construction&Buildings


Najmadin Group companies working with a professional staff of more than (680) six hundred eightyEmployees within different sectors.

Najmadin Group Companies working in different sectors as Agencies , plants , construction fields & Projects
Our Projects are divided as below mentioned Table chart :

Company HQ 5000 M
Diya carpentry Factory 6500 M
concrete Factory1 & 2 13500 M
concrete Factory3 5000 M
Block Factory 6000 M
concrete pharmaceutical Factory 2500 M
Refrigerator Stores for vegetable & Fruits 4000 M
T ile Stores 6000 M
Profilo Electronics 3000 M
Modular Building Factory 4500 M
Company Mechanics Store 10000 M
Kurdistan Mall & Ramada Hotel 7000 M
Mercedes / Koluman brand representative

These are without Project Management, which all projects have their own management, staff & contractors per their
project needs .