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Najmadin company for construction/LTD    

Najmadin company is one of the known company with having lots of experience in construction & buildings , by working with professional engineers & staffs , we are using the best  types of construction / concrete   machinery, as our company have completed the most of the big projects inside Kurdistan region-Sulaimaniyah like (the new Sulaimaniyah Municipal & Sulaimaniyah Governorate , Kurdistan Mall , Harem Bank, AUIS University, Kaso Mall , Rand Gallery, Rauf Bag under bus , 400bed Hospital , German Village 1, Kurd city 1, Shniar city, Rozh city , Sharazur Terminal, Hawary Shar park Projects which includes the biggest area zone of garden inside Iraq, Goizh city 3 is a Najmadin group project by having 1100 apartments includes 11 buildings with 10floor with having all services  , the project that still working is Doctor city which is located in Qrga quarter inside Sulaimaniyah city by having 780 apartments which includes 15 buildings of 13 floor, the best quality items has been used  , another project Is 400 apartment which was done for Kurdistan government it includes 11 building of 10 floor with all services.

We used to work better by having a professional staff which they work day & night for serving a good project , now we are building a high quality buildings (Dania City) in the highest level of Ibrahim Ahmed quarter , this project will be the modest project inside Kurdistan region , this project includes 758 apartment within area of 245 M2, the project also includes 26 Villa by having %25 of garden inside projects, the next plan will be Miran city Project which is located in Qula raeesi quarter that includes 2600 apartment by all services …

Tel   : 00964 53 320 1004 / 53 320 1003                                                       

Mob : 00964 770 154 6949